Whats wrong with this java script?

Hi friends,

Please help me…

making a little program for kids im tutoring to give them axis of symmetry, vertex and roots of a quadratic equation when they give the coefficients a, b, and c. AofS and vertex work, but roots aren’t getting the right answers for whatever reason. it should run the quadratic equation
(-b (plus/mius) radical(b^2 - 4ac)) / 2a

here is the offending line:

if (calc==‘roots’) {
textstring += 'The roots are: ’ + (((-1 * value[B])) + ( Math.sqrt( (Math.pow(value[B],2))-(4value[A]value… ) ) /(2value[A])) + ‘and’ + (((-1 * value[B])) - ( Math.sqrt((Math.pow(value[B],2))-(4valu… ) /(2*value[A])) + ‘<b> (Note: a value of NaN means that there are no roots)</b>’;

can anyone find whats wrong?
ps. this is my first javascript project

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What does the value[] array contain?
What do the variables A and b contain (and why is A uppercase and b lowercase)?

The (4*valu... ) bit will cause a problem, if it’s not just a typo. It’s invalid JavaScript and looks like you’re missing something.