What's the most effective backlinking activity?

For off page optimization. What’s the most effective backlinking activity?

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Before you embark on any link-building for SEO purposes, I strongly suggest you read the guidance from Google.

Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site’s ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This includes any behavior that manipulates links to your site or outgoing links from your site.

Read the full article: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/66356?hl=en

Other search engines have similar policies, so think very carefully before taking any action and check the guidelines first to ensure you you are not risking a penalty.




Writing good content.


Google prefers pages with lots of text than bare pages.

You must first start by searching for bigger and well-known sites where you can post your content. Of course, there are a plethora of websites that offer to post your articles but not all of them are worth writing for. It should be reliable and authentic with a higher number of visitors. once you know where to publish your guest post, your next step should be to write high-quality content. It should be informative with engaging images or videos and if you can create an infographic, then it will be cherry on the cake. Quality is of utmost importance.

I would question whether it is better to write good quality content and publish it on a third-party site, where they will get the benefit of your article and associated traffic, or whether you should simply publish it on your own site and gain those visitors for yourself. I would suggest the latter.

Remember, too, that Google regards links you place yourself (what it describes as “not editorially vouched for”) as of little worth, and possibly even a violation of its guidelines, so if you do choose to try this, ensure you use reputable sites which monitor the quality of their content.

Most effective back-linking activity is to post quality stuff to famous websites. Famous websites are all paid, but if you want to get good back-linking than this will be the best option.
Secondly, if you don’t want to spend money on posting than you can always go for free bookmarking sites. This process is cost free, and works slow as compared to paid back-linking.
To conclude, Most Effective Activity is to post quality stuff on well-reputed sites, blogs, forums etc.

Most reputable sites - like this one - mark user-submitted links as nofollow. You should also check very carefully before posting a link to ensure the site permits it. Link-dropping is more likely to get you banned from a reputable site, rather than bring you any benefit.


Here are the best Activities for building Quality Backlinks :

  • Directory Submission on High authority websites

  • Web 2.0 links (Tumblr, Medium.com)

  • QnA Websites like Quora, Yahoo answers

The most effective link strategy is to maintain naturalness throughout the process. Get Follow links with authority and always be attentive to their variation. As well as eliminate those that appear that do not interest. And use analysis tools whether they are paid, or with proxis to get more effective SEO results.

I repeat:

This thread is not an invitation to link-drop, and any member doing so after this warning will be banned.


And usually long before you could justify the benefit/cost ratio (Spam on this forum lasts usually about 2 minutes and generates exactly 0 hits, because the community have a mechanism to remove spam.)

As always, the pyramid of Quick-Good-Cheap applies; you can choose two;
Something that is Quick and Good is not Cheap;
Something that is Cheap and Quick is not Good;
Something that is Cheap and Good is not Quick.

Really do wish sometimes people didnt focus so much on the analytics or ****-measuring contests about who’s on top of the page rankings. The cream rises.

Yes, surely posting on your own website is a better option. But I am talking about when you want to opt for guest posting for backlinks. And, as we both agree that if one choose it, they should go for reliable sites that focus on quality content.

I think most effective backlinks activity is blog comments and quora question. because in this activity you don’t have any need to rank you content add all. because you create backlinks on that platform who already ranks on serp.

you should do comments on the top 10 blogs on the targeted keyword and i am definatly sure that quora ranks under 10 positions.

Quora links are nofollow, and so gives you exaclty 0 SERP representation for it.

What it could do is bring traffic to your site, if you’re actually using Quora for the purpose it was designed - actually ANSWERING people’s questions. If you’re just there to spam your backlinks, you will get zero from it.


As you know link building is a process of getting a link back to your website from other websites. Marketers perform these activities to bring referral traffic to the website. These links boost the authority of your websites and moreover Google’s evolving algorithms have always supported quality backlinks.

Without wasting any more time let me cut the chase and discuss some effective link building tips:

  1. Guest Posting

Every company and marketer embraces good content. They are always looking forward to uploading great content pieces on their site. Just search the topic on Google on which you plan to write your blog. The next step is to explore some quality publications that will accept your post and you can strategically place a link on your article.

  1. Create Infographics

Creating and distributing infographics is a vital strategy in today’s scenario. Visual content is an important part of any blog and with infographics, you not only provide a solution to other bloggers but also build a link without even asking for it.

  1. Get Active On Social Media Platforms

Social media networks have revotunalized the marketing game. Also, they are a great link building opportunity and bring referral traffic to your website.

Sharing your content on social media platforms boost engagement and effective social media strategy is great for giving your brand exposure.

  1. Search For Broken Links

This another great technique for building links. Instead of writing new content every time for other websites, find pages with dead links. You can approach the publisher and make a request to give you a link and replace their lost backlinks.

So these were some basic backlinking tips and I hope you find the answer helpful. Also, please show your support as I am new to this wonderful community.


  1. No, not every company wants to upload your content. OP did NOT say they were running a blog, so tailoring your response to blog writers may be entirely off-mark. If we’re going to be talking about good content, step 1 is to know your audience…

  2. Again, OP did not mention a blog. Infographics are not ‘vital’; they can be a good tool if you have some data driven information to convey in a visual format, but making ‘infographics’ for the sake of making infographics is poor advice.

  3. Agreed, social media is a wonderful platform, and are a self-sustainable marketing tool in many cases.

  4. I’ve never seen anyone say that Broken Link Backlinks has ever been a ‘great’ technique. If your niche has a lot of these broken link opportunities, then it may be worth exploring. But be fully expecting to receive a lot of cold shoulders (no response) and no’s in this technique. This is the cold-call telemarketing of backlinks. a 2% return would be exceptionally good.


The most effective backlinking activity which I prefer is to post unique and engaging content on high authority domain sites and insert your website link there so that your website gets healthy link juice from there that will help to improve your website ranking.
Other activities are also important like:

  • Finding broken links on the same niche sites and approach them for backlinks.
  • Guest posting
  • Link-wheel
  • Forum posting
  • Web 2.0

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