What's the best way to SEO?

I’m trying to setup the onsite SEO on my local classifieds site ( because its a classifieds site its a bit harder)

I’m using yoast seo plugin to help me,

should I edit the titles manually or let yoast do the work ?

what tip can you give me to get the best structure and SEO without without bloaring the site with to many keywords or duplications.

I can provide the link to the url via pm if anyone is interested

If you are using Yoast then it is wise to edit the titles of each post because it will be easier for your site to be visible in SERPs because you have a unique title on each post… Do not forget to edit also your descriptions because it is also a key for a successful campaign…

Whatever you do, don’t do that. Google is clever enough to recognise keyword spamming. The best SEO is for the content to read naturally form human beings.

Agreed 100%

Make sure the keyword density doesn’t go higher than this example or it might not read naturally.

<title>Big Round Red Widgets</title>
<h1>Big Round Red Widgets</h1>

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Yoast SEO is very good and easy plugin to edit title and description tags. I know its little time consuming if you add manually. But this will be the best practice. You have the chance to attract more audience by making attractive titles and descriptions. Because you are the one who knows your business better than anyone.

You can also take a look at your competitor’s websites. What they are doing? and how they have optimized their own websites?

You need to check multiple factors.

First collect first 10 meta title and description and look , how google highlight words in snippet (including synonyms)

url highlight
snippet highlight

collect and review.

also use Yoast suggestion to optimize page
Give users some access to copy useful information

Thanks for the advice.

There a lot of factors,
for me the most important it’s how i share my websites, there is some good strategy, and one of the best is Natural Linkwheel

yoast is a pretty good tool to get you in the right direction but dont correct every error it shows you.it will look unnatural.get your posts and pages to just about pass well enough to light the little traffic light option to green ,which is about 65% of yoasts recommendations.make sure your keyword in the post,hopefully the post url and alt text for your umages are set and try your best to use over 300 words on most posts but again not every time.the use of common sense will guide you as well as yoast can.

Yeost SEO may help, but how the plugin is work, it also have some limitation

you have to know about the what is Google, need, if you have a great content and baclink, this is the most helpful one.

Alt text for images is usefull,

There’s no such thing as a “natural” link wheel.

By its very nature, a link wheel is an artificial construct created to link between a group of sites.

Natural links are those which are freely given by one site to another, based solely on the value of the link to the site’s visitors, and not some SEO myth.


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