Whats the best way to get dynamic table on a webpage?

hi so i have this pdf designed with tables in it that i embed on the website with product list, the problem is, its a pdf, a static document. every time there is a new product, the editor have to insert it alphabetically and re-editing the entire pdf (10+ pages) is annoying.

is there a way i can get a table on web page, have someone edit it without using html/css and have it reflected on the web page? (the person that will be doing the editing have no html/css knowledge)

i looked at Google sheets and excel embed as a solution, but i want more design options than they can offer this is the page on my site

right now, the process of adding a new item on that table would be to bump everything down and that a slot of work

I would use an html form sending the data to either a database or CSV file. Then display the data using php.
If you already have a CSV file you can save it on the website or import it into a database saving time an effort.
You will need to validate the data from the form before saving it to prevent hacking

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