Whats The Best Tool Way To Pick User & Domain Names

I’m looking for a software program or a online site that finds
domain names for vary competitive niches.

I’m building a blogger blog in one of the most competitive
niches there is games.

I tried some of the domain search software programs but
a lot of them would not let me save the domain list.

I personally really like a site called bustaname that looks at combinations of words you specify. It does allow you to save your lists.

I love this website: http://domai.nr/

It looks for domain hacks (a great way to get quirky domains) :slight_smile:

I Think there are many sites…

  1. www.domainsearchindia.com
  2. www.checkdomain.com
  3. www.domainz.in
  4. www.net4domains.com

Also you can try godaddy…it is quite good site for searching a domain names…