What's the best independent image gallery/CMS?


This is what I’m looking to do. I’ve built photo galleries with Flash, and HTM, CSS before, and some JavaScript, or ActionScript sliders. I’ve made custom buttons before, animations, etc. I’ve also used a CMS for rotating/managing pictures on a picture site, as well as other content management systems, photo gallery widgets like Managed Wordpress, Elementor, Wix, etc… I’ve seen JS, Lightbox which isn’t what I’m looking for. I’ve had something like that before. I would like something that pulls pictures from a folder instead of having to manually enter the code while maintaining full control of the layout of my gallery without having to build the entire gallery in Adobe Animate, and Illustrator. I’m attaching a pic of a free Wix gallery widget I used on a free site. I’m also attaching a pic of the current gallery I’m making with Flex. What I like about the Wix plugin is that the gallery app saves time via bulk upload, and you can rotate the thumbnails fairly quickly because I don’t like to randomly place images in galleries. What I don’t like is that the thumbnails are not customizable beyond shapes, sizes, and I’m currently building a mosaic flexbox grid. What I don’t like about this grid is that I have to crop the individual pics, or have all the thumbnails the same size. In other words I want full customization of each individual thumbnail so they are not all the same size, without having to manually crop each image, and enter the code. Like say for example giving each individual image a different ID. Optimally I would I my gallery to form a collage skyscraper silhouette maybe but not right now. That would entail building the thumbnail gallery in Illustrator and Animate, or take forever to code Right now I would just like a quicker way to rotate the pictures without designing each thumbnail in Illustrator, and bringing that into Animate unless any one has a better solution for customization of each indivdual thumbnail. Even then I would like quicker way to rotate the images within any grid I build like a Wix widget without the lack of customization that the Wix widget comes with. I don’t even remember how to use Animate very well anymore because the interface changed since that was Flash, and I don’t remember the Action Script but I know from building them before that they take longer then I want to spend rotating pictures because I’m trying to use just Flexbox, and Illustrator right now for the most part.


I did try out Koken which was interesting but I am not sure if it is still developed.

But users were trying to get the developers to make it into a method to sell prints etc.


I apologize for the typos but I don’t think you understood what I’m looking for. I need a script that can pull gallery files from a page based on input criteria, and gather them into a group or folder, and assign each file an independent value (within the application, or script regardless of what the file is manually named so the files can be rotated easily, and more quickly. That would be a highly useful CSS design tool because then rotating files would be easier no matter how a gallery was built so long as the file names are readable on the HTML page. HTML images are usually downloadable. I guess the only other alternative is an Animate, or After Effects gallery but that is almost the same thing as building your own application. I guess full control of each individual thumbnails placement, shape, size, and zoom level is also something that would be helpful


I don’t think there is anything with these specific criteria. That’s what independent coding is for. You will have to cobble things together and make a script that makes everything play nice together.


There’s probably not a script for the thumbnail resizing, but there is most likely a script for the file gathering, and rearrangement. I might just do the gallery in Animate. I set the gallery up already like buildings though.


You probably need to learn how to use a database. You have said nothing about a DB. You can store all information about an image; the question about whether to store the entire image in the database has multiple answers. You might store a thumbnail at least. The DB data can be processed in many ways.

With a DB then the question becomes things like CSS. Another consideration is what to do server-side (such as PHP) and what to do in the client (such as JavaScript). Since you are not a programmer (not much, right?) it might be easier to find a gallery that works for you that uses a DB with minimal customization.