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Here’s what was on mine:

you may have multiple object types that can be purchased, tagged, or commented on. You can use standard Ruby modules for this shared behavior. If the shared behavior has both class and instance methods, Rails provides ActiveSupport::Concern , which allows you to easily use a common pattern to mix multiple kinds of behavior from one module.

Route::get('services', array('as' => 'services', function(){
    return View::make('services');

I added the pre for legibility :stuck_out_tongue:



(Redoing documentation)

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I didn’t know pre tags colored code, I’ve been doing it the manual 4 spaces way.

	 * Delay events for specified time
	 * @param {function} callback
	 * @param {int} ms Milliseconds to wait
	 * @param {string} uniqueId Unique Event String
	waitForFinalEvent: (function(){
		var timers = {};
		return function (callback, ms, uniqueId) {
		    if (timers[uniqueId]) {
		      clearTimeout (timers[uniqueId]);

		    timers[uniqueId] = setTimeout(callback, ms);

Hmmm… mine didn’t work.

Edit: fixed it with the editor button…

It must be that Discourse loves me…
(I have no idea)

{exp:channel:entries channel="profiles" limit="300" dynamic="no" status="Open|Closed"}
        <date>{entry_date format="%Y-%m-%d %H:%i:%s"}</date>

look @mawburn it loves @bluedreamer too

So based on this objective evidence, I’ll revise my statement: Discourse hates you, @mawburn.



He used the 4 spaces method. :stuck_out_tongue: pre tags strip out html/xml.


lol. I didn’t manually add pre tags, I used the button on the editor. Make any difference? :smiley:

/stops being a jerk

lol I didn’t know that existed. That seems to space things the right way.


You can also use three backticks ` on the line above your code and three on the line after your code :smile:

code here

That doesn’t work with my Spanish keyboard, for some reason. But yes, you Brits, Americans, etc… you can do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Copy and Paste?

copying and pasting the three ``` doesn’t seem to work, either. Just tried.

function iDontThink() {

It does when you have three of them :smile:

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AHHH! Doh. Awesome.