Whatever happened to the "pay for" services forums?

Hello everyone,

Sorry, but it’s been a very long time since I last logged in here. This place has changed so much, and don’t know how to hardly get around in here!!!

Anyway, SitePoint used to have a few different category sections where we could go and hire people to create websites, design help, websites for sale, etc. Whatever happened to those? Those were a great place to hire people! Did they get moved somewhere else or did they just get removed altogether?


Welcome back to the forums, @patrickonb.

The “marketplace” section of the forums was removed long ago - before I joined in 2011. When we made the move from vBulletin to Discourse a few years back, we changed some of the forum structure, and took the opportunity to reinstate a “Jobs” category. Unfortunately, it was not well used by genuine members and simply attracted Spam, so in the end we reluctantly removed it as being more trouble than it was worth.

Hooray! Less spam!

Anyhoo, the best things in life are free.

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