Whatever Happened To Script Directories Like HotScripts?

I am involved in a new project that offers up code resources, etc. It would be tremendously helpful to have the good ol’ sites like HotScripts still around and active. I can’t tell if those types of directories are dead, if I am crazy, or if I am just not searching properly (now being 2020 and all).

I know there are loads of marketplaces such as Envato, etc. but getting in bed with all of their control is just not in the cards.

Any suggestions?

Thanks! Mike

What are you talking about? Hotscripts has never disappeared.

I believe OP is talking about the decline of code sharing websites. Sure, HotScripts.com is still up, but it has died out.

That explains “active” but not “still around”

Several reasons such sites should not be referenced is because much of that code was poorly written, has invalid or obsolete code, has CSS for obsolete browsers, introduce holes for hacking, and used formatting that is out of favor (should use CSS instead of table tags, for instance).


Scripts then, just not Hot :biggrin:


I gave up with Hotscripts when I stopped building websites and when I went back I found all the scripts I was interested were either very old, broken links or the domain name had been taken over by advertising sites.

I didn’t use many of the scripts but it was useful to see how things could be done.

I was more active on the forum but it got to the stage where people wanted answers to their own code and never even said thank you when they got an answer. Sound familiar?

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Interesting chart @RiversideRocks where did it come from?

@Rubble totally understand. @RiversideRocks that trend is exactly what it feels like when visiting the site, a ghost town. I guess I just miss the simple exchange of scripts, there used to be several sites like it. I guess that explains why places like Envato have such a grasp on your code, perhaps for quality control.

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trends.google.com, its the activity of how much a term of topic is searched on Google.

Thank you @RiversideRocks

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