What you suggest for the source being of text, how saved in server LAMP and how handle this?

My client for web development[HTML5/PHP Site] wants this scenario
His PDF e-books should be available for sale in lulu.com - download
Also wants the e-books in formatted text format
to be available free [Not download] on the Web-Site on scrolling down - as you scroll down loaded more text from the source - and also can translated as are in this text format with Google Translate Widget

I am familiar with load on demand as you scroll down content [articles in blog] in PHP/JS/Ajax

What you suggest for the source being of text, how saved in server LAMP and how handle this???

I assume you’re thinking of converting the PDF documents to HTML are you?

There are plenty of tools online to do this, but I imagine the quality of the resulting HTML would be questionable to say the least, and would need quite a lot of cleaning.

lulu.com does not create ebooks from PDF files; it uses PDF files to create print versions. For ebooks, you’ll upload the book as Word format.

If your client has the text in Word format,export it as plain txt and feed it to the web page in any way you wish, such as by iFrame.

so i can proceed like this

each X chapter in X-chapter.txt or X-chapter.html file
and load this file in html per scrolling down
or each chapter as a separate link… ?
Word format to HTML i will do with Dreamweaver…
This way users should be able to use Google Translate, don’t they?

I recommend using text, not HTML, because I don’t know how bloated the code will be as an export from Dreamweaver. From Word, highlight the entire doc contents, Copy, then paste into a text editor like Notepad. Make sure that paragraph line breaks are included (that the text does not all run together).

If using a txt file for each chapter, you can use AJAX to populate the page easily, chapter by chapter: https://www.w3schools.com/xml/ajax_intro.asp, one button per chapter.

I recommend you simply do a page of text for the above and test the Google Translate function with it before doing more.

I can’t see that plain text is a good choice for an ebook. You would lose any bold and italics, headings and any other formatting.

I think what WebSteve is trying to avoid is the rather extreme amount of bloat code that Dreamweaver and Word tend to put out in their HTML documents for simple text.

That said, I have concerns about the “[Not download]” part of the OP… by definition, words you put into a webpage can be downloaded - in fact, they have to be downloaded for the web browser to render them onto the screen…if your client doesnt want his book downloaded for free, don’t put its entire contents on a website…

my client wants paid only PDF file in lulu.com - Not download
but HTML/txt available free and translatable… - download in browser is OK…

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