What would you do? - need to decide between 2 jobs


I need to decided between 2 jobs

Job 1
I will work for a small company doing web and mobile app development.
The people at the interview seem really nice. I think i might get along with them very well. Revenue wise they are doing well.

Job 2
I will work for a bigger company they are focused on mobile app development and social networking. I think they have a lot of potential. Seeing that they have 40 million Unique visitor every month and there traffic has doubled the last year. I will be a product developer. Main focus will be on app and social media, research and strategy ect. When it comes to revenue they have just broken even. They are still a new company. They have a large market in India and Japan.

I have a few idea that i think will make them even bigger and could increase revenue. My problem is a bit personal. i want to use my own ideas. I am just worried that i wont be the one profiting from my ideas.

If i started on my own and used my ideas it will take a few years for them to be realized. And working with a company like this i will have the resources and the traffic i need, but i am not sure if i will be the one benefiting.

Any advice.

I’d personally go for the smaller one, simply because the chance of promotion and recognition is, statistically, better.

For example, which sounds better to you?

  1. “I’m one of 200 junior developers at _____, which has a website with 40m views per month.”
  2. “I’m one of 2 senior developers at _____, which has a website with 1m views per month”

Generally, larger companies are more likely to treat their employees as statistics. You’ll be doing work that has already been planned, have to stick to a strict deadline so the next guy will start the next part on time etc.

Again, generally, small companies have less employees so you’re more likely to realise promotion prospects, you are more likely to feel appreciated and will usually get to tackle much larger projects on your own and will have the opportunity to have more variety in your daily work. Such a company is also more likely to listen to your ideas.

Of course, you can also ask the correct people at each company about implementing your idea. Your favourite response “wins”.

The bigger company has more employees but not that much.
They are just starting to expand and are looking for new people.
I think its less than 40 people that they have at the moment.

You have made some valid points. And i will definitely bring it up in the next discussion i have with them.

According to me Do Job1 first Take experiance then go for Job2. What do you think?

I already have some experiance in web design but not so much in app development

In job 2 i will be a product developer. I think i will be more involved with coming up with new ideas for apps. Or ideas on how to increase traffic to their site.

If the Job 2 company completes their hiring then what ?? what if he misses the chance for that bigger Job ?

What do you know about the culture at either office? I’ve worked for horrible small companies and excellent large ones as well as horrible large companies and excellent small ones.