What would people want in a simple Python web server?

Hello, I am working on a simple open-source Python web server and would like to know what they would like to see in it. It is meant to be a web server focused on ease of use and cutting out unnecessary features.



WSGI compliance (but that probably goes without saying).

I guess for me the following would be helpful.

  • able to run multiple Django instances within the same server process (saving ram at the possible expense of extra serialisation).
  • easy proxy handling similar to proxypass for apache but it would be more important that it should be able to operate behind a proxy
  • easy as possible configuration for standard django web hosting
  • easy to embed in other python projects as an in built web server would be nice (if it worked inside the twisted framework, nicer still)
  • able to run php applications (possibly using php-fpm http://php-fpm.org)

Ok, thats just off the top of my head without thinking through the details or implications.

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In terms of WSGI compliance, I am already using the wsgiref standard library module.
The basic version is supposed to be pure python, but probably for the plus version I’ll add PHP support (that would actually benefit me a lot considering I’m using the server to host my own website on my Raspberry Pi).
I’ll see about adding the other suggestions, but that might make it a little complicated for beginners. Therefore if I do choose to implement the other suggestions it would probably be in the plus version.
Thanks for your suggestions! You can keep posted on the development at https://github.com/Gerzer/Servr.
Feel free to submit pull requests through GitHub.