What would cause a site to not be accessible on just one computer?

I’m trying to track down a problem where a specific computer can not access just one site. The site is accessible just fine from all other computers. The specific computer can access all sites except the one in question.

So that tells me it’s not an ISP block since other computers using the same connection can access the site. And it tells me it’s not an internet connection problem since the computer can access all other sites.

So what would cause just one site to not be accessible from one computer? The connection always times out.

The computer is running XP. The problem exists no matter which browser; Chrome, Firefox, IE

Thanks for any suggestions.

Please try clean cookiew and temporary internet pages, reboot system and then check.
Secondly check the list of blocked sites through internet options, privacy settings, sites.

Good luck

In addition to said above try to check your firewall settings. Make sure you are not using proxy or VPN on that computer.
Also all computers on your network are on the same OS?

Are you using your computer from a corporate network?
It might be a URL filtering device in the corporate Web gateway preventing access.

Did you try to ping the site IP?

I know I am late in replying, but thought could contribute a little.

Are there any blockers weading out specific keywords and titles on your computer? Any firewalls or such filters which block certain or most traffic not related to your work place?

Please see. If not then you can try ipconfig /flushdns on your command prompt.

I think the firewall is blocking the specific IP address. Better you check the firewall settings once.