What will be the next service Google shuts down?

So most of us have probably noticed that Google are shutting down more and more services. For instance Google Reader and Google Affiliate Network.

But who’s next to go down?

That is hard to say. I can see the logic behind shutting down GAN but I am really surprised that they did it. They obviously have a strategy that those products doesn’t fit into but I can’t speculate where that leads to next.

Hard to predict. How many services does Google have now?

Maybe Google haven’t really found the relevance of getting those out for public use, otherwise, they’d let it stay. Maybe there’s not enough people that are using such services for them to keep it in the open. I’m sure Google would create alternatives and new ones. But the thing is that if you’re used to utilizing such services, you might find it hard to deal their shut down.

Maybe Google docs? I really don’t see the point of them, and i don’t like the idea of personal information being online, ie bank details, financial forms etc; Maybe not too many people use it, or i could be wrong.

I don’t think so. Its very unlikely to happen.

I understand your privacy concerns but the fact is millions of users and businesses are currently using it (and also paying for it). Not to forget how easy it has made work for many. They would not shut off a product which is brining in good money as well.

You can`t predict that without knowing which product is not used by people, if you would make a statistic and point which of G’s products is less used, then that one is more likely to shut down first.

if google can shutdown google affiliate network, that means they will shutdown any service which they deem is not lucrative.

Like any other company! If it doesn’t help to pay the bills then it means that it is time to shut it down :slight_smile:

I thought it’s free right? i’ve used it before and never paid for it.

The answer is Google Apps for Business :slight_smile:

For Example, Google docs are used in my business for almost everything. We are a paying customer and our primary use is email, spreadsheets and docs. If they’d pull it out, I’m pretty sure that a lot of paid users will get pissed and might not want to pay $5 per account just for email. Just like us, plenty of other paid users, use docs religiously.

I heard that there is a chance google news good start running into issues because media sites they link want to start charging them. If that happens it would ridiculous.