What website script is this?

http://www.oldcarmemories.com/ love how “clean” the appearance is

Apart from making me click on the link… I don’t know what I am supposed to pay attention to.

I’ll be brutally honest… I am giving you the benefit of the doubt but I fail to understand the irony… I need clarification, please.

Looks like Joomla to me :slight_smile:

Yeah, to me too

"<meta name=“Generator” content=“Joomla!”

How smart am I? I read script and I was looking for scripts… I didn’t think that he wanted to know which CMS was used… :wall:


Thanks guys!
Mods you may remove this thread now that I know and can’t edit my original post :slight_smile:

You only need to pm a member of the staff… Edition is only allowed for a brief period of time (around 20 min or so).

We normally do not delete threads unless there’s a very good reason for it :slight_smile: