What version of Jekyll I am using?

Hello, I am playing with Jekyll and Github pages.

I made this site https://uixc.github.io/ using Jekyll Now

Can I know what version of Jekyll is used in my site?

Thank you

Anyone can.

Nah, 1.2.0 is the version of Jeykll Now - this is a Jeykll theme.

Basically it sounds like the OP has forked the repo, made a couple of changes and published them to GitHub Pages. GitHub Pages are powered by Jekyll behind the scenes, but I have no idea which exact version of Jeykll GitHub is using.

If the OP has installed Jeykll locally (using gem install github-pages for example), then they can see which version of Jeykll they are using by running gem list jeykll from the command line.


So by following your method… I can know what Jekyll version Github is using?

Nope. Sorry. I wouldn’t know how. Might also be some custom thing …
I’m curious — Why is that important to know?

Is this what you want to know?


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