What to use for database driven website

Im going to create database driven website. News, comments, some simple gallery, etc (y, i wont be using disqus or smth like dat, all stuff by website).

Im confused on what to choose. I’ve heard in 2015 popular is laravel but on benchmark it seems to be the slowest framework that exists. So I want something with speed, even in another lanuage like go or smth.

Because for now as seen from benchmarks slim and codeigniter are what I consider to be pretty good, but slim is very limited and I guess adding some database orm will slow it to the low speed category and codeginter 90%+ comments says it is dead framework, old as I, etc

Main requirements - balance of speed performance and speed development (Im not going to build smth in assembler or pascal to gain max speed)

what do you recommend?

Codeingniter is far from dead, they’ve released two version updates already this year, http://www.codeigniter.com/user_guide/changelog.html

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