What to put in this contract

Hi I am starting development of a web application with my friend. We work in the same office although we are both separate freelancers. This application is intended for our own benefit but we will also try to sell it as a service to other local businesses if we think it’s good enough.

I am of the idea that we draw up a contract between us to make sure that everything is clear from the outset and avoid potential problems along the way. We will be spending equal time on it, dedicating a day a week to work on it. We have very similar skillsets so we are not tied down to particular tasks in the design and development of the application.

What do you think we should put in the contract?

What I have thought till now is to write that the application ownership is of both of us, including all source code, psd files etc.

Should we part company and still want to sell the product I think we should both come up with new names for it, or else one would pay an agreed fee to the other party if he wants to use the original name. We can then each take the product in the direction we want, but on parting ways we will have access to all we have done till that point.

Obviously while still together, all income derived from the product shall be equally divided unless further provisions are agreed (e.g. a commission % on new sales).

Any other ideas? Am I on the right track? Thanks!

I think you’re on the right track, but without knowing a lot more about your project it’s hard to say what else you might need to include.

I’d say if you’re serious about developing this project together with your friend, you should invest the money to see an attorney and be sure that you’ve covered all the bases. If it ever comes to the point where one of you wants out, that’s not the day to find out about things you should’ve included in your contract. :smiley:


How about a disclaimer of liability (in case someone loses something as a result of using your project), that’s always something you don’t want to live without. :slight_smile:

what ever other details you put in contract
make sure you include points like
How income is going to be shared
what will be responsibility of each party
and another important things
how you are going to cope with future problems,upgrades that may arise (other i have experienced many abondened projects like these…)
and most important ,
we will be fair and abide by it…