What To Promote For Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. If I plan to setup a website promoting Thanksgiving products, what products should I promote? What sells on Thanksgiving besides turkey?

You can try some of the gift items,greeting cards etc.

You’re approaching the point of no return on anything physical but Thanksgiving is a large event for many people and everything from recipes to food essentials [there’s piles of sides and desert to go with those turkeys], place settings and home decor is being searched out right now. Colors and styles are essential to match [see Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel and Williams Sonoma for examples] but it’s certainly an event people stock up for.

I think it’s kind late to setup a website for thanksgiving. your site will not be listed on google before thanksgiving

not all sites canmake use of such holidy. i write about tech and i can not attract traffic

Why not? If you write about tech, you can easily find some articles that relate to Thanksgiving deals in the tech industry. I saw a bunch of Thanksgiving day specials for online shops.