What To Do With 10K Followers on Twitter?

I have one twitter account that has almost 10K followers. The only feed I have is from my website which is a Tech News Site. Would like some input on how to get more of my followers to go and check out the site so I can increase my Adsense revenue.

Do I offer freebies or is the lure in the Title the most efficient ways to get visitors and generate adsense clicks? :headbang:

Jakbeas :bouncy:

Maybe both freebies and the lure :)) I think that because your site is useful and people love it. So enjoy it :smiley:

Followers are going to click over to your site because your content matches whatever they are following you for. As a tech site that would logically be tech reviews, news, or similar announcements as well as engagement around whatever it is that you to share so you’re actually using the opportunity to talk topics rather than just broadcasting them.

Giveaways are great for generating more numbers but little actual residual interest or traffic.

Its all about your site traffic , then you can apply for freebies and the lure , these may give you more help in earning revenue from ad sense

Add you site details on your profile and post your website content also on twitter account and let your users check your tweets. It will bring traffic to your site.

You can advertise Clickbank products, sponsored tweets or your site.

Thanks for the responses. Thought I put this all together.

@ Ted - Thanks for eye opener. I’ve only been really just doing a twitter feed straight from my site, hope you understand what I mean. From
what I read, giving my opinion and/or reference of the post would generate better results for individuals see the tweet.

@ David - I have alot of PLR items, articles, and the such. Offering these to my readers with a link somehow to my site, is this a good idea in your opinion.

Finally @ barickiza - Have you done much advertising with Clickbank products? Sponsoring tweets to clickbank affiliate product, does this make sense?

Jakbeas :slight_smile:

One more thought. Adding site details to my profile. I put my web site on my account but doesn’t show up. What do I have to do.