What to call frameworks and languages used in a project as a header?

Hi there,

I am putting together my portfolio and want to list what tools, technologies and frameworks I have used.

For example: HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, Grunt, SVN, WordPress etc.

I am going to have some small icons with captions, but not sure what to head these up as.

I thought of something like “Frameworks and Technologies Used In This Project”.

I am wondering if there is a better/shorter way of saying this, maybe a proper word that would cover all these?

If anyone can suggest anything else that sounds more professional, that would be great, thanks!

Well the problem is that the examples you list there are not all the same category. I mean SVN isn’t necessarily web project based. Neither is Grunt honestly. But one thing I have always used myself was the term “Web Technologies” which can cover a bunch of things as long as they are directly related to web. If you insist on all of those being together, maybe just use a more general name like “Tools”.

Just a few thoughts. :slight_smile:


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