What the difference between <meter> and <Progress> Tags?

Hello everyone,
I am new in this forum, as am self-learner, just started my html 5 journey, i would like to ask what is the difference between meter and progress tags please?
Thanks in advanced

Progress shows how much of something (a task for example) has completed. Its attributes (aside from the usual global ones) are value and max only. The minimum is set at zero. So it is showing a value between zero and the maximum.

Meter has more attributes in addition to value and max. There is min, low, optimum, high and form.
It shows a measurement of something, like a thermometer, fuel gauge or battery remaining.
So low may be a value above the minimum, which shows your fuel tank is not yet empty, but is getting low, so you know to make a stop soon before it runs out.
High is similar at the other end of the scale, so for example a meter measuring your CPU temperature may alert you when it’s running too hot. Then optimum defines the level where it is just right.

Typically progress is one way change from zero to max. While the meter value may fluctuate in either direction, depending in its function.


Thank you @SamA74 for your clear and useful explanation :blush: . I appreciate your help

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