What software is needed to create a successful website?

What are the softwares or application needed to create a website?
or to create a website that is successful?

It all depends on the development framework you are working with, and the (financial) means you have:
>> If you are primarily a .NET developer it’s a no-brainer; Visual Studio all the way (if you don’t have a version yet, go for 2008 right away).
>> Another great IDE in my opinion is Adobe CS4 (for general Web/Flash development and graphic design), but Adobe products can cost you an arm and a leg, and take FOREVER to install. The cheaper (cheap as in FREE) alternative is Adobe AIR, which is a good tool for AJAX/Flex/Flash developers.
>> The last suggestion I have is Notepad++ (also free). It’s pretty much notepad (aaah, the good old days…), but if you install all the additional plugins you can still end up with a decent environment with code completion, syntax highlighting, file (content) comparing and other such useful features. It definitely does not match up to the other choices above, but it’s still pretty good nonetheless

That was my 2 cents.

The bare minimum you need?


Though I’d recommend something with syntax highlighting and something to deal with the server-side stuff - so I personally use PHP Eclipse.

A graphics program like Photoshop, GIMP or Fireworks is also recommended. They aren’t needed, but graphics can certainly help a design (unless they are bad quality/design, in which case it ruins the page design).

I use NetBeans for PHP.
I like eclipse for Java, but for PHP it feels wrong somehow …

If you prefer a WYSIWYG editor I would suggest either Expression Web or Dreamweaver. Both are very powerful but you still will need a working knowledge of HTML and CSS.

plus an FTP program to load the files to your host



Hmm, Wetware is also needed; as there is a difference between a good website and a successful website.

Though fundamentally; a simple Web or Text Editor, FTP Client and Graphics program will be enough to start software wise (as mentioned afore) plus different Web Browsers to test results. Though really you have to have a “concept” about what you want to achieve or produce. As that will determine whether you would benefit from more specialised tools, etc.

All you really need are four things, most other people have said it, but I’ll state them again for extra impact:

An Editor (Text or otherwise for the code), Image editor (for graphics stuff), FTP client (to put the stuff on the web) and a web browser (To see the results). :slight_smile:

PS: Software doesn’t make a successful website… the individual making it does.

A good idea and the brain to implement it.


That’s about the bare minimum I can work with happily.

For my newbie websites.
I create them all in Dreamweaver - don’t know what i’d do without it really. I edit some things in Notepad where needed. I review them in several browsers - free off the internet. I upload them with a free FTP program downloaded off the net also.

Then there’s the image side of it. I simply use Microsoft Photo Editor that came with my MS programs, and sometimes Corel software (pricey). Obviously im not in the graphics side of design at this stage.

I LOVE Dreamweaver.

Cannot be understated !! Haha, good one. :cool:


user dreamweaver code view to edit html and codes. use photoshop to edit/create images. that’s basically the software/application you need to create web pages. to build a successful website? thats a different story.

ohhhh yes, that’s a whole 'nutha story. :injured: putting up a nicely designed website is one thing. There’s a whole other side to it.

But for now, while you’re designing your website in hopefully dreamweaver, remember to add good title tags and name your pages/files good words. Saves having to change them later on when you realise they could perform better with better use and thought into keywords.

hey my honest option is dreamweaver for web development and photoshop is for designing because these are user friendly softwares which can enhance rich quality of site.

Dreamweaver is a great tool - as long as you let that ‘Design View’ tab gather dust. Dreamweaver’s ‘Design View’ is one of the culprits behind so many poorly coded websites and clueless coders.

That all depends on your definition of success.

Amen to that Alex! I think the tools you use are really irrelevant, what matters is if you’re selling a product/service/idea that people really want to buy…assuming that turning a profit is your idea of success.


I wish people would stop referring to notepad in threads like these. While it can be good to express the point that any text editor will do, even notepad, I fear that some people may take it literally and start using an editor with no support for new-lines and one undo level. Actually, a colleague of mine programmed a whole ASP-based web application using nothing but notepad, so I’m not saying it’s not possible, but you’d have to be insane.