What Software do you use for Logo Design?

What Software do you use for Logo Design? Please Help

Are you actually a person or some kind of bot picking random questions?

You have made 13 threads, most with answers from people on this site, and you have not replied to a single one. The questions also jump around experience levels quite a bit. Such as this last one, you want to know what software to make Logos, but you also made a thread at the exact same time asking how to Watermark an image. Digital Watermarks are kind of an advanced topic for someone who doesn’t know what Photoshop or Illustrator are, don’t you think?

But just yesterday, you wanted ideas for a name to launch a site focused on Graphic Design.

Hello, I would like to start a website with Graphics Design. The problem is that I didn’t find any good name for such website. Please Help.

How are you going to do Graphic Design if you don’t know how to build a site at all and wanted a full complete tutorial (which was another one of your questions) nor do you know how to use professional Graphic Design tools?

And for the record, I wrote a real reply to this thread but deleted it. If you actually are a person, which I don’t think you are, I don’t like answering drive-by questions.