What Should I Learn to Become A Pro In Wordpress?


I am a newbie in web development. Btw, what skills do I need to have in order to become a pro?
I am interested in wordpress. I have learned HTML and CSS basics. And I am going to learn Javascript, PHP, and MySQL.
And what is the order of the languages that I should learn? Javascript first or PHP first?


For Wordpress, I think the most important is CSS. A basic understanding of PHP is needed, and you already have basic HTML. Javascript knowledge is not essential as there are so many widgets available, and MySQL knowledge only for very advanced Wordpress stuff. Of course, you would need to know how Wordpress is structured.

Thanks for the reply. I want to become a wordpress theme and plugin developers. So I need to understand PHP, right?

Yes, a basic understanding for themes, and a deeper understanding for plugins.

You need to have strong XHTML/CSS knowledge first. Then you need to be a pro with PHP and MYSQL.

Wordpress has lot of features. And you need both XHTML/CSS and PHP/MYSQL to be a theme and plugin developer. And you need to play a lot with wordpress to get more knowledge and concept.

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You have to just design a wordpress theme using various tutorial available online to guide us how to.

Thanks for the reply, same question in my mind :slight_smile:

Strong CSS and html knowledge is compulsory, not just basics, then you need a pretty good PHP&MySql understanding and of course javascript for developing more advanced plugins. It`s a bit time consuming learning all these, but you need to work to have good results.

Thanks for the reply, same question in my mind :)

Same here lol, never occouret to me just to look for youtube videoes for this, wich is very odd as I use that for tutorials on everything else.
Thank´s for the reminder

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You have need to know what are genesis and thesis if you are into wordpress designing. They are considered the best themes to speed up a wordpress site.

For being a wordpress developer you have to make yourself as an expert on Css and css3.After completing html and css, learn css3 with cross browser.Then Need to learn Basic Php and Mysql. And Now you are ready to learn wordpress.

Well!! the only solution and answer is use your common sense. I never knew anything and not even coding. Just used word press forum and got some hints. As Word press is all about using common sense and yo get support for everything. For HTML/PHP you can use dream weaver.

learn html/css, and php that’s all…

First of all you need to learn the HTML, CSS and PHP and then follow the steps

  1. Follow some wordpress forums and participate in the conversation.
  2. Follow the blogs that deal with the wordpress for the latest updates.

Did the same some years ago and i run a web development firm now

if you have knowledge of HTML and CSS, then you need to learn PHP to become a Pro in wordpress. Javascript will be benficial for you , but its not so important.

Yes, I agree with everyone that you need to learn the basics of PHP and CSS. you have to start with a good foundation.

A solid understanding of the basics will give you a good head start. Why have you chosen Wordpress in particular?

First of all you would go through HTML, CSS and PHP deeply.
You must clear all the basics and then you will be able a bit in Wordpress.
I think JavaScript will be beneficial for you.

you need to learn css in depth it will be helpful to you while working with wordpress.And then u can continue with html and phpjava script is not that required at basic levels of wordpress