What should I do to incorporate a tool that helps users find words that fit a specific meter?

Hello, I’m new to website development and just made my first website that helps people find specific words that rhyme and other writing tips for students/professionals. I was wondering if I could make a dictionary tool that helps users find words that rhyme and put it on WordPress. If yes, where should I start? (Sorry, I’m a complete beginner with no prior coding experience.)

Thanks in advance <3

Your title says meter, your post says putting rhymes into Wordpress. I’m not a literary scholar, but i’m fairly certain those are different concepts. Which are you trying to do?

Hi sorry for the confusion. What I’m trying to do is make a tool like a rhyme finder, and put it on WP website maybe as an iframe. I don’t know if it’s possible or not, what should I learn in order to make this (as I stated above, I’m a complete beginner on this matter).

Since English spelling and pronunciation is so weird and can vary with which “flavour” of English you’re using, I can’t really see any way to do this short of building your own database of rhyming words.


I think a database would be the way to go. But it is going to take some thought about how to acheive this.
I’m thinking probably having a table of words, then a table of phonetic sounds.
I would go with sounds, as spellings of partial words strings won’t be reliable with all the perculiarities of pronounciation.
Then you would have a Look-Up-Table to match words to sounds, which may then match words to words.


Except you’ll struggle when you get to the word “read”.

English is hard.

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