What should do if anyone copy website script and use it?

Hi, I am facing a problem recently. I have a website call www.dogsshadow.com , last few days I see some other domain holder copy almost 100% of my website script and use his domain. will I face any problem in my website, and if then how could I defense my website from unwanted issue from such kind of issue.

What scripts have been copied? You have a WordPress/WooCommerce site. I may have missed them, but I don’t see any proprietary scripts.

t is easy to copy HTML, CSS, JS, PHP etc. So it theory if you have experience you can make the same copy of any website in the web if we are not talking about databases.

I’d be interested to know how you think people can copy the PHP @novin


Some one take all the data copy and import his site with out any change. just change his logo. What do you think , is this not harmful for my site?

Ah, so it’s the data rather than scripts that have been copied. I would imagine you have a case against someone who has taken your data, but I’m not a lawyer and this isn’t a legal forum.

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