What should be my requirements

Hi I need help please. What would be my server minimum sepcifications for my web application. Our web applications will store audios max size10mb,images,pdf. Users açcess daily estimated 50 to 100.

Thank you in advance

What language is the web application written in?

You know, this use to be much more of a question a decade ago but with the rise of the cloud infrastructure, you really don’t need much. I mean you can use AWS to store all your heavy assets, serve it with a modest EC2 machine and cloudfront CDN and be well on your way. The beauty is that if you underestimate what you need, you can scale up the machine later. It doesn’t even really rely on the language much anymore.

If you are going to do heavy processing, just make sure your EC2 instance has a decent amount of RAM. Once you get to something like a few thousand concurrent users then you might explore the need for load balancing. Again, something that can be built on the fly from the cloud.

I would focus more now on what your application will do and get something running with the idea to scale later if warranted. :slight_smile:

Big caveat here is that in order for this work properly is that no state should be stored in the machines themselves. i.e. databases should run somewhere else, file storage should be somewhere else, etc.

These aren’t really hard problems, but stating “just add a load balancer” won’t work if you don’t do this.

Also see Twelve-Factor App.

It’s Laravel Framework PHP

Is it okay minimum of 2 cores cpu 4GB ram ?

I would say 2 cores with 4GB of RAM would suffice for that number of users.
If it starts to get slow, upgrade RAM first, 4GB isn’t a lot for 2 cores.

Thank you so much

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