What should be done as new user in Forum posting


What are things I should do or don't as new user in Forum Posting sites in order to generate backlink?

Generate backlinks

Welcome to the forums @localflavourstours

For a start it is good thing that you asked before attempting to "generate backlink".

Be aware that these forums are for discussions about the various aspects of web development, they are not a place for promotion or to make backlinks and as such we have a zero tolerance policy on spam. This means that anyone who places links here for the purpose of self promotion will have the links or the whole post removed by the forum staff. Repeat offences will result in a ban from the forums.
Also note that in line with Google's guidelines all outgoing links on the forum will be marked as nofollow making them useless as backlinks even if there are tolerated.

Please take the time to read our FAQs to learn more about the forum rules.


I think though Google told us that all outgoing links on the forum will be marked as nofollow making, but not means nofollow links are useless, maybe Google doesn't give it up , just reduces the weight.


Either way, if you make promotional links here, they get deleted and you get banned, the end!


You could read what Google says about nofollow links:

But as @SamA74 has already explained, the forums are a place for discussion, not for link-dropping. Please don't try it here.


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