What’s a good analytic report platform that’s inexpensive or free?

I’m looking to pull reports on engagement/growth/performance/etc.

But I only do social media as a side thing for a few small bands and don’t get paid a ton monthly as my retainer.

So I’m wondering what I can use to pull reports?

Have you tried hoostsuite? It’s very good, use it all the time, but not tried to free version myself so not sure if it meets your criteria.

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SproutSocial is great for social media reports analytics.

I hope these platforms help you out: :blush:

  1. Cyfe
  2. Supermetrics
  3. CallRail
  4. Sisense

@rachelstinson: simply listing platforms is not very helpful to the OP; they could get a list with a quick internet search.

What experience do you have of using these? How easy is each to use? Would you recommend one over the others, and if so, why?

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