What ribbon tabs would you use?

I’m prototyping a games-on-horseback site (see attached screen shot). Looking for ideas on what my ribbon menu should contain beyond “about” and “home”. The intended audience includes Equine Therapy Instructors (who work with special needs folks on horseback).

Right now I’ve simply “stubbed” them as “tab one”, “tab two” etc. I will reconfigure them later (using Sitepoint’s The Art & Science of CSS of course).

Among the tabs could be page links to a blog, an “Add a Game” form, a credits / commercial game supplier list.

What else / instead do you think might be appropriate.



[My forum search using “ribbon” came up with mostly “how to’s” as did my Google-ing]

Note that I neglected to replace the attachment’s rightmost column. It is left over from Taylor’s download site.