What possible type of memory is my javascript crashing?

I have a page that plays a song, listens for the end, and randomly chooses another. It works fine for a while then crashes my browser, requiring browser restart. I am running it on my browser, not online.
I’m wondering what type of memory I am overloading. would someone have suggestions on where or what to research?

Hard to tell without seeing the code.

A suggestion that is general, as in it applies to all computer languages, is to ensure you are catching all exceptions. When I say catch, I mean that in a general sense. An error can be an exception or a null value or whatever. For each function that your program uses, you should check if it indicates there is an error. Programmers often omit checking for errors and then the program can crash in the manner you describe.

Do you know how to use the browser’s debugging tool to look at the console? Errors usually are reported there. It will help very much to know what the (source code) line is that it crashes at. If you do not know how to use the browser’s debugging tool then you are missing a valuable resource.

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