What platform should I use for a HTML app?


I’m looking to create and publish to Google Play/App Store a simple HTML based app. After doing a lot of research I’ve become slightly intimidated with the amount of options available. My first app I’d like to create is very simple - two views. View 1 (default screen) a user enters in some values into a form and hits submit. View 2 shows a mathematical output derived from the variables with an option to go back to View 1.

Very simple, easy to create with HTML and JS. Looking into how to get it published to the respective app stores and become a clickable home-screen icon on your phone is where I’m a novice. From my research it seems like PhoneGap is probably the best platform for this - what are your thoughts?

Yes, though be careful between the definition of PhoneGap and Cordova.

PhoneGap is Adobe’s commercial implementation of Cordova.

But yes, Cordova is likely your best bet if it needs to be distributed in a store.

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