What parts of HTML5 are ok to adopt at this point


I know HTML5 is not complete and cannot be used for websites that will be viewed with old browsers but can we start adapting some of the naming conventions to name our main div containers like header, nav, section, article, footer etc. so when the time comes you will already have all these name tags habits.

Are you currently doing something like I described above when naming your divs for your new designs?

Are you using HTML5 in your new design? If yes, can you name some of the features you are using?

Is it ok to use the new HTML5 Doctype? If yes will this work in older browsers?


As far as I know it’s okay to use the new doctype even if your code is HTML 4 or XHTML. All browsers will render the page just fine.

As for using the new tags, if you don’t mind using a little javascript then I see no problems either.

For more advanced HTML5 I use Modernizr

But I guess there is nothing wrong with the naming convention you mention.

Thanks a lot for your reply!