What makes a web designer the best?

I’ve just started my own company and am planning to launch my business website anytime soon. And a friend of mine recommended this company that produces videos with attractive content. Before hiring them, I need to know what makes a web designer the best one. Thanks!
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Frankly, the idea that one web designer can be “the best” strikes me as nonsense.

What constitutes “the best” is purely subjective. Probably everyone on the forum will have a different idea of what is best.


The purpose of a site is IMHO to achieve something. Get things done. Sell, inform, help or something else. When your goal is reached you have the “best” site for your need.

The “worst” site is slow, difficult to navigate, hard to read and without clear purpose. Design without function may also hide your purpose.


What makes a web designer the best…time to get out the ‘opinions are like ****holes’ sign, but sure…

Not answering questions about who’s the best. Not caring about who’s the best. The best people in a field generally don’t concern themselves with those sorts of things, they simply do what they do.

Who YOU think is the best, a web forum on the internet cannot tell you.


In my job, I find the best designers are the ones who don’t necessarily create the “wow” designs, but those who enable the developers to do their best job. That means creating files (figma / sketch / photoshop, etc) that are consistent, and minimal errors.

Example: I’m working on a less-than-great project right now at work. I am selecting text links in a figma file (a list of links)…they are supposed to be 14px font size, 21px line height. Some heights are rendering at 23px, some randomly have 31px line height but render at 21px. Some other headers are 40px font size, 44px line height, but render 40px tall.

These inconsistencies make my development ultimately “inconsistent” with their design since I’m obviously not going to have a list of links randomly differ in line height or overall height just because the design has it. Oversights like these are frustrating and time consuming to figure out “what’s right”.

Any designer can find inspiration to make a “wow” design (at least, at my work), but what sets designers apart at my job is these small things.


This question relates to how a web designer puts together a website. Employers like to see how designers solve problems. Textual content on a website demonstrates that a web designer has the ability to communicate. It also shows the employer that they’re not a one-dimensional, elitist designer who hasn’t created a website before.

A qualified web designer should have expertise in creating websites for customers in your business. This is proof that the expert understands your business and will assist you in creating the greatest website for your organization. Additionally, the professional must have an extensive portfolio. In addition to having a well-defined and planned development process, exceptional web designers must have developed innumerable websites throughout time. As a result, they have built distinct procedures that they have continuously improved over time.

This is how I can identify a competent web designer.

The OP hasn’t returned since posting, so there seems little point in offering more thoughts and ideas.

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