What Makes a Successful Startup?

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When people look at major success stories in the startup world, one of the biggest things that comes to mind is luck. Yes, part of entrepreneurial success is timing, and luck often plays a slight role in the success of a venture, however when you look at the trends from the past few years it becomes apparent that there is a science to entrepreneurship which can help to improve your odds of success.

As discussed at the recent CEA Innovate 2014 conference sessions titled Startup Success Stories, top entrepreneurs from Tech Cocktail, Phone2Action and HD Radio gave insights and advice to help current and aspiring business owners increase their chances of success. Although business ownership can be daunting, by focusing on the key trends below, you can greatly improve your odds of success.

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Good post! When starting out your business it takes a lot of time and effort. This article was very informative about start ups.

Thanks for the feedback! Greatly appreciated!

Yes,you’ll need a lot of time and you will work a lot. Success comes to audacious who will work with a well-studied project.
your article is very interesting thank you.

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