What makes a person high-strung?

I have always been a really laid-back mello person. I really don’t get stressed out that much. That said, I couldn’t really tell you why. I could say it’s my faith, but I was this way even before my faith. My faith only added to it.

I ask because I have some really high strung people in my life and I am trying to understand where they come from.

What makes people one way or the other. Genetics?? or environment?

Environment, definitely. Naughties work ethic, career over life, regulation, diet, caffiene…

When I’m high strung it’s because I’m under a lot of stress. I may have a deadline looming on a project at work, or financial trouble, or a loved one is very sick/injured, etc. I’m pretty mellow otherwise though. You honestly never know what could be going on in a person’s life to make them that way.

Genetics, some people just handle stress well. Also people find stress in sometimes unusual places. Stress is objective. Some people have more stress then others.

Hmmmm…good question!

IMO, it’s a little of both. I can say for sure that stress, tension, and life in general get me high strung at times. I have a son on the other hand that is too young for these pressures and just flies off at the drop of a pin. While genetics may have something to do with that, we try to give an environment of positive reinforcement.

Environment, genetics, life, drugs. Lots of things really.


Errmm uh… environment. I don’t know - when I’m working on freelance stuff, I dont’ really feel that much pressure. When I’m at work though, I always have to be careful that I’m doing things the way ‘the company’ wants it, the way ‘the boss’ wants it… I always have to worry about OTHER people. I’d have to say then, that, for me at least (your mileage may vary), it’s mostly environment.

Of course, if you’re sucking back 108oz of caffeine a day… that doesn’t help matters…


Really anything open source gets my day in a knot. :wink:

ASP or Javascript :wink:

Microsap, agreed. :lol:

I’m just a really active kind of person. :slight_smile:

Touche - the New Guy!

I suppose, however, when you’re used to Microsoft’s stuff always breaking down, software that actually works right tends to threaten one’s job which makes them high strung! :smiley:

Activity… exercise promotes blood flow and extra energy release which helps to better nourish the various nerve/muscle/bone structures in your body which results in a healthier well balanced person.

That’s also why computer geeks are some of the most unbalanced people you’ll ever meet… :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we change this topic to “what makes a person high-drunk” ? :smiley:

The energetic charisma! :smiley:

For some people the more they know, the more they have to worry about. For these people, ignorance is bliss. A person who knows nothing has nothing to worry about. Some people try to shut out the outside world, and for some it can be a very effective way of reducing stress.

As for me, I have a lot to worry about, but it doesn’t make me high-strung. I am very rarely visibly stressed. On the inside, perhaps, it may be a different matter.

This is actually something developed very early in children - read the bestseller “Emotional Intelligence” if you want to know more. I’m not sure whether it’s just genetics or environment, but suffice to say that some people just tend to be more anxious than others. Those people (I’m one of them) should probably be doing more meditation and drink less coffee. Another thing that really helps me reduce stress is to write down everything I need to do, so I’m never worried about whether the thing I’m doing at the moment is the best thing to do.

everybody has the daily pressures of life that has peaks and valleys. I’m not really talking about that. It goes beyond that. Where some people…searching for the right words…just carry that stress, are always on a peak, their life is a peak.

I’m really starting to think it’s more genetic.

I think you’re right, especially if it really is an everyday thing. Don’t worry about it though; those who are perpetually high strung tend to live shorter lives anyway :).

I’d suggest letting it out a little more, Tom. As you’re no doubt aware, internalizing stress can be bad for your health. Of course I wouldn’t recommend the “explosive temper approach” I seem to most often rely on.

Those lists sound like a great idea, Mattias. They say being organized is a major key to success. This may go a ways in explaining mmy relative failure in life.

Mmy impression is that a certain level of being stressed is likely part of a person’s original wiring.

Yah… I like making lists too, except mine are mental. :slight_smile:

I also think that genetics and enviroment have a lot to do with things. Take dogs, for example. Some are just naturally neurotic, and others have become that way because of a nasty owner.