What laptop on a budget could I buy to do decent websites on

Hi, my laptop has packed up. ok its over 10 years old but just constantly freezes etc, even after putting it back to factory state. would like to design websites, using more than just html/css/php and use photoshop or gimp graphics.
Would anybody know what is the minimum laptop package I can or should buy to do the websites.
I cant afford an expensive one, cause of circumstances and unemployment, but would like to design websites.

Have the laptop looked at by a computer/laptop repair shop, it’s always possible that it could be repaired but you’ll have to bear in mind the cost of a potential repair (labour charges, cost of any new parts, etc). Had the laptop been running warmer then it used to?


The language you use would really have more of a bearing on the type of software you install on whatever machine you get. And the features of any specific machine would depend on how heavily you plan on using it and what you will store on it. For example if you were to design websites that were image and video intensive, you may need a huge hard drive or to buy an extra external hard drive so you don’t run out of space. That’s just one example.

I would say you would be ok just buying something in 4-600 dollar range with a couple hundred GB hard drive, 4GB of RAM and a current processor. I’ve had good experience with the intel core i5 processors running things like Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop.

I would steer clear of netbooks and get something that has multiple USB ports and a disk drive (CD).

Really you could build a website on any machine but you want to be sure you have tools and hardware that will make the process smoother for you.

Hope that helps,


I’m using this: asus.com/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/K56CM And I LOVE it…mind you it’s a steppng stone to the Republic of Gamers version, but this is light, powerful enough to handle web dev/design Adobe’s Creative cloud and some games as well as 3D work. I found it for $450, regularly around $900.

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I have also heard good reviews about Asus.

Thanks everyone, this topic was started 15 months ago so it is safe to assume that the OP has made a decision by now.

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