What language to create website like hidemyass.com

What language would I need to create a website like hidemyass.com The features I need:

  1. Allows people to enter a website and connect to that website through my proxy (http://hidemyass.com/proxy)

  2. A list that check each proxy and updates ones that work and a list that post the time and latency (http://hidemyass.com/proxy-list)

What language will I need? Or is there a script that offers this?

As per the site itself, I doubt that they use anything that any other site wouldn’t use. That is, HTML, CSS and a server side language, and a database, of course. As for the proxy service as such, I would assume that they would use some kind of software or created a custom solution using C++ or similar but that’s impossible to say :slight_smile: