What language for my situation?

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I am a hobby programmer, and I would like to develop something to make a process easier at my work. I am familiar with PHP/HTML/CSS mostly. I wanted to make basically a customized shopping cart for items. Then when we put them into the “cart” we can print customized reports based on what was chosen.

In a perfect world, I would like to have this program run in a browser environment because I am much more familiar with setting up CSS/HTML and getting things to print the way I want for the layouts and final reports.

All that being said, is PHP/MySQL viable? Can I set something up using these languages to run in a local environment instead of having it hosted on the public web? Is there a better language option?

Well, I didn’t fully understand what you want to develop but seems similar to an online store. And yes, you can do the shopping cart with PHP and it will require a MySQL database for storing the products.

But it isn’t the easiest project to do for a beginner; at the same time, it will be a good way to learn.
You can search on YouTube for tutorials like “PHP & MySQL online shop tutorial” or “how to make a shopping cart in PHP” to start with.

And you can do this offline in localhost, just install XAMPP.

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Yes, more so since you are already familiar with them.

Yes it’s possible to set up and run them on a local server for your network.

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