What language for my situation?


I wasn’t sure which category this should go in, so if it needs to be moved, I apologize.

I am a hobby programmer, and I would like to develop something to make a process easier at my work. I am familiar with PHP/HTML/CSS mostly. I wanted to make basically a customized shopping cart for items. Then when we put them into the “cart” we can print customized reports based on what was chosen.

In a perfect world, I would like to have this program run in a browser environment because I am much more familiar with setting up CSS/HTML and getting things to print the way I want for the layouts and final reports.

All that being said, is PHP/MySQL viable? Can I set something up using these languages to run in a local environment instead of having it hosted on the public web? Is there a better language option?


Well, I didn’t fully understand what you want to develop but seems similar to an online store. And yes, you can do the shopping cart with PHP and it will require a MySQL database for storing the products.

But it isn’t the easiest project to do for a beginner; at the same time, it will be a good way to learn.
You can search on YouTube for tutorials like “PHP & MySQL online shop tutorial” or “how to make a shopping cart in PHP” to start with.

And you can do this offline in localhost, just install XAMPP.


Yes, more so since you are already familiar with them.

Yes it’s possible to set up and run them on a local server for your network.