What kind of software makes scanned PDF files so you can select and copy text?


I bought a DVD with the 11th Edition (published in the year 1911) of the Encyclopedia Britannica. I bought it a while back on eBay.

The pages of the encyclopedia have been scanned and put in PDF format. The pages are not in an image format I don’t think.

I can left click, select, and copy the text. Here’s some of the text that I have copied and pasted from one of the PDF files:


Encyclopedia Britannica, of which the Eleventh Edition is now issued by the University of Cambridge, has a history extending over 140 years. The First Edition, in three quarto volumes, was issued in weekly numbers (price 6d. each) from 1768 to 1771 by “a Society of Gentlemen in Scotland.”

The above text is from Volume I of the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica.

My question is this: Does anybody know what kind of scanning, PDF software you can use to make PDF files where you can copy and paste the text?


Foxit Reader and Adobe Acrobat are the softwares your are perfectly suited with.

OCR software is what converts images of text into text.

Adobe Acrobat has that facility built in as do a number of other PDF editors. It is mostly the viewers that don’t.

You need a software “Adobe Acrobat” in which you can make / edit pdf files. Adobe Acrobat reader is a lighter and free version only to see documents.

Thanks everyone for the help! :slight_smile: