What kind of old school games have you played or are you playing?

It has been a long time since I played video games, but I am curious about what your favourite video games were from the past?

One of me was: Hogs of war and time machine game

Years back, I got an emulator and played a bunch of games from the 90s, which were my heyday:

Romance of the Three Kingdoms
The original Warcraft
Betrayal at Krondor

Lots of retro fun!

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I’m not a big game player, but I do remember when a copy of Castle Wolfenstein arrived in the office. That was interesting, but the big one for me was Doom, followed by Doom 2. I had a level editor and managed to create a copy of our previous office, complete with random managers walking around when you least expect them.

I did move on to Quake and maybe Quake 2, but I don’t really remember it as fondly as Doom.


Diablo 2 is the game I grew up with, even skipping sleep so I could get a few hours of game time in before school.

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I used to play Karnov a lot in 2004-2005. MotoGP was new at that time.

I wonder who else remembers playing Sensible Soccer :shifty:

I also use to play this:


Oh, that one reminds me of another.

Way back at the start of my “career” I worked in a local computer shop, selling home computers. This is a little before the IBM PC was launched, and long before it was affordable. We sold a range of home computers, including Dragon, Oric, the BBC Micro, and the Texas TI99/4a.

The latter was an interesting box, had a cartridge slot where you could put really expensive and not-very-good software, and everything else (disc drive, printer port) needed a really expensive expansion cabinet.

One day, one of our TI customers came in with a package. He’d been to the USA, and had a look there for TI software, and come back with a game called “Parsec”. Compared to everything that had gone before on the TI, it was streets ahead. Graphics, sound, performance, all much better, and the first demonstration we’d seen of all the claims of how powerful the machine was.

It became available in the UK not long after, and we sold loads of the TI machine just because people wanted that game.


Started playing Mario games recently, it turned out so entertaining

Illusion of Gaia, Lemmings, Ecco the dolphin, Sonic the hedgehog, Zelda a link to the past. Super mario RPG, Busby, Battle toad double dragon. Contra, super mario all stars.

I’m not normally much of a gamer type these days… however, In the evenings, weekends, and the hours I am not at work, I am also halfway through an undergrad CS degree.

Right now, we are learning algorithm design in the form of game design, and for my current assignment I am building my own version of the classic arcade game, Snake.

So finding myself playing a WHOLE LOT of snake recently. Gotta say, it’s pretty addictive and got my thinking about the other classic games I used to love.

Pretty much all of these ones too! I’d totally forgotten about Ecco the dolphin, what a blast from the past for sure.

I used to play the video game-like Doom, Mario.

Runescape, it that still counts

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Here are some of my all-time favorites growing up:

Zeus: Master of Olympus (2000)

Supreme Commander (2007)

Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom 2 (2009)

Tetris (1984)

Mario Kart: Double Dash (2003)

Starcraft (1998)

I used to play Frogger which unfortunately was on my way between my flat and my job. I have seen some online versions but they aren’t the same.

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Ah, Zelda, what memories this thread brings, it’s bittersweet.

Well every single old school game from here brings me bittersweet memories. I’ve had a lot of free time during quarantine, as many did, cause my job went bye-bye, but at least I was left with the opportunity to restart all of the games I’ve once loved and also new ones that I’ve been dying to try out. My favorite one that I’ve started is ParanormalHK cause I got the key for my birthday and I’ve had high expectation from the game, but it exceded them, so that was a nice gameplay.

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I used to play the LUDO KING

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