What kind databases supports replication?

I would like to know which databases are supporting replication for mine report which I am writing?

I know a few like SymmetricDS, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server.

And I would like to know about master/master and master/slave replication, like difference, when to use, what it is? could not find many information about it, only a few, which is not enough.

Could someone give me good examples en describe these questions?

Master/Slave replication means you have 2 database servers, one Master and another Slave. On Master you set up replication which means whatever changes on Master it will be replicated to the Slave database server.

In your application you will differentiate between read and write queries. You always write to the Master like (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc.) and you always read from the Slave (SELECT, etc.). This is done to scale up database servers and improve performance. You essentially will have one or more Masters, but usually one is enough, and a lot of Slave servers, because read queries are being executed a lot more then write queries. (You read the database a lot more than to write to it).

Master/Master replication just means you will have mutiple Master database servers, the advantage of this being if a Master server fails the others can pick it up, the disadvantage being the server can get out of sync a lot easier than with Master/Slave.

What kind of replication do I need if I would like to build an online/offline web app.

So user can create/read/update/delete offline(Localhost) and online(MySQL server).

Master-Slave or Master-Master?

what I have understand you can’t write with Slave.

Do you have like thousands of users accessing your website at the same time? Why do you need replication at all?

The very fact that you’re posting this question shows that you don’t need replication just yet, because if you’d find yourself in a position when you actually need replication you would know what replication works best for you.

Cross the bridge when you get there and stop worrying about scaling at the early stages.

Where is your localhost going to run?

locally on pc,


I am admin and can use CRUD on online database server for CMS.
When I am offline, I would like to CRUD too but on offline local. When I am online, I would like to synchronize/replicate it with the online server. I am not the only admin user but there are other admin users too.

I must use then synchronization/replication

Ah, okay. For one minute there I thought you wanted other users to view it offline! :slight_smile:

I already got that with cache manifest :smile:

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