What Javascript effect is this?

Hi There,

I’m looking to use a similar image rollover effect that can be seen within this link (thumbnails):


But I am having trouble finding an online tutorial. Does anyone know what this effect/script is called?

Many Thanks

Ah great, thanks ralph.m.

I only know little Java, so will keep searching of tutorials. Otherwise thanks for helping me understand how the script functions!

Thanks ralph.m for the quick reply.

It was more the rollover effect within the thumbnail. I guess the effect would be once the mouse button is hovered over the thumbnail a png image appears illustrating a small magnifying glass.

Any suggestions?


They are using the prettyPhoto jQuery plugin, which is found here:

They have written an extra script to go with the default gallery, located here:


It creates a span with the magnifying glass image in it, and when you hover on the image, the script makes the image go from opacity:1 to opacity:0.2, so the mag glass image is seen.

JS isn’t my area, though, so unless you can play with these scripts yourself, someone else will have to give you further help!