What is your opinion about meta keywords importance, should we still use them?


I have recently start a small research about meta data. My problem was what kind of meta data to use and why the suggested data is important for a website. I read a few articles and posts in different sites and forums saying that keywords are not so important for website’s ranking any more due to abusive use of spammers. In addition to that, another fellow says that meta keywords was a very easy for the competitors to spy on your keywords and see where are you targeting. Both reasons look reasonable to me and maybe keywords are completely useless at the moment. What is your opinion?

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Yes, your reason is valid; and it is true that if site do not have Meta keyword Tag then also you won’t get any adverse effect from Search Engine.
You can find similar video at “MattCutts [dot] com”. Mostly Search Engine using TITLE and Meta Description Tag to Know which kind of business the company has, so you may clear your Title and Meta Description for Search Engine; hope that helps you.

Glad to know that you won’t get affected without the META keywords on your site. This is my first time to hear this. Now I know how to deal with competitors. But I don’t think we need to ditch META keywords completely. I can see that we might have use of them if the situation calls for.

Thank you HazelMcComas.

I agree with you but someone has to find the appropriate formula. Having a few keywords or keyphrases that briefly can describe the contents of a website isn’t a bad idea since we laready know that such technique helps search engines to categorize conent much better. I think we will have to wait for some kind of essential news about this matter maybe next year.

Meta is not used to rank keywords. Meta is used for serp link discription if google wants to use it.