What is white hat SEO?

what is white hat SEO? Please ans me anyone about white hat seo.

This: Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

“White hat” refers to using ethical techniques which don’t risk getting your site penalised by search engines. Follow their official guidelines and you won’t go wrong.



White hat SEO Optimize your web with organic way and don’t spam.

Different Search engine define spam differently.

Google defines spam as “trying to deceive our web crawler by means of hidden text, deceptive cloaking or doorway pages.” You can report sites you suspect of spam at Google’s Report a spam result page.

Yahoo defines spam as “pages (that) are created deliberately to trick the search engine into offering inappropriate, redundant or poor-quality search results.” They have a pretty extensive list of what techniques they consider spam at their Yahoo Search Technology Content Quality Guidelines page.

Bing gives a few spamming techniques “discouraged” by their webmaster guidelines; among them are keyword stuffing, invisible text, or false links.


If you follow any of above technique so you are doing black hat SEO but if you don’t so that is White Hat SEO.

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White hat seo means follow the guidelines of search engine while creating links for your site.

The first bit is right. But:-

You won’t be creating any links yourself as this goes against guidelines.

White hat SEO means use legal ways like creating links of your sites rather than using illegal ways like link framing, cloaking, keyword surffing to increase your site ranking. Just follow the guidelines provided by search engines. If you don’t follow those guidelines you may be penalised by search engine.

To be clear here, “white hat SEO” does not only refer to link building. It refers to any ethical method of improving your site’s performance on search engines.

White hat SEO mean promote your site in a organic way and completely follows search engine guidelines.

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While white hat SEO is well defined here, I think it is important to give a quick bit of info on how to spot someone selling black hat SEO because it is not always clear. First of all, if someone guarantees they can build a certain number of links each month (especially if they give a large number) watch out.
If someone promises to get you to a certain place in the google rankings, they may be using black hat.
If someone is proposing you put content on your site that does not add value to your customers, they may be peddling black hat.
Finally, if someone is unwilling to explain how they will achieve their SEO promises, they may be doing something a bit odd.


White hat SEO means you keep up to date on search engine guidelines. It doesn’t involve any type of deception. Basically, it means you’re honest.


“In search engine optimization (SEO) terminology, white hat SEO refers to the usage of optimization strategies, techniques and tactics that focus on a human audience opposed to search engines and completely follows search engine rules and policies.”

White Hat Seo is the Way of doing SEO in the ethical way. Means in this process of SEO there is no spaming and unethical process being used.

In general there is three main process of SEO

1 White Hat SEO ( Ethical , Risk free )
2 Back Hat SEO (Unethical ,Very risky)
3 Grey Hat SEO (Combination of white hat and black Hat)

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