What is Web Hosting?

I’m not exactly sure what a web host is. Can you please explain?

Web hosting is a service that provides you with the tools needed to have your own website on the Internet.

What that web site is, is totally up to you. :slight_smile:

Web Hosting is a service which provides a way to keep your website online and accessible to the world anytime.

Also, I would either Google search “web host” and review any information you come across. Also there are sticky articles at the top of this particular forum thread. If you have any other particular questions, please let us know.

Web Hosting in simple terms can be said as the buying the space to place your web site. this is place from where your site get accessible to the internet or on the world wide web.

I believe that would be really nice for you if you visit wikipedia and read all those materials there.

•Web Hosting is used to provide the space to your web site.

•In the web hosting your website can easily access the internet.

•Web hosting is a service that provides you the different hosting tools for your

•Web hosting is the internet hosting service.

  • There are following types of web hosting:-

• Shared Web Hosting
• Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
• Dedicated Web Hosting
• Managed Web Hosting
• Server Co-Location
• Reseller Web Hosting
• Free Web Hosting

I can try to make it even easier to understand. It is a web hostel for web pages and programs. Web Hosts have servers (computers) housed in data centers. They install certain operating systems and give their customers remote access to the machines (dedicated servers) or parts of the machines (VPS or virtual hosting accounts).

To store and make web pages available and ready for inquiries, or a computer that has a consistent connection to the Internet.