What is this effect called?

i just saw this this evening - what is this effect called? http://espn.go.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/11127248/how-catcher-framing-becoming-great-skill-smart-teams-new-york-yankees-espn-magazine - i am curious if it is a custom build or if it is something that can be done in wordpress perhaps also?

ESPN, I’m sure they have a large team of developers, designers, writers, graphic artists, etc. etc.

It’s called “parallax”

Can it be done with WordPress? perhaps

That would be achieved using a parallax JavaScript library. One that I’m familiar with is Stellar.js which is a [url=http://jquery.com/]jQuery plugin.

What they are doing on that site isn’t really parallax—which usually involves various things scrolling at different rates. The effect on that site is easily done with CSS alone:


Ah, so it is(n’t)
I disabled JavaScript and went to it again expecting the site to be horribly broken as is usually the case, but no!


A rare treat these days! … which is a sad thing to have to say in this post-WebStandards, let’s-just-do-everything-with-JS era.[/ot]