What is the usefulness of Entities Relationship Diagrams and Object Oriented Analysis Design?

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But if you want to be PRO.
Use E.R. for Database.
Use OOAD for PHP Logic Flow

Can you please explain those acronyms and possibly why those methods are good in your opinion?


I don’t recommend OOAD for small projects.
If the project is medium or large size then go ahead use OOAD.

Please google.

Why should I or anyone else use google to decipher your reply?


Don’t worry the old timer members will explain them to you. :slight_smile:
I’m sure they know.

You’re missing the point.


E.R. (Entities Relationship) Diagram
OOAD (Object Oriented Analysis Design)
google is free dude.

Reading a reply that is practically useless without Google is free, or more correct, it has little value. Having to use Google to decipher a reply costs everyone reading the reply their time (not just the OP’s (original poster’s)). Trying to understand why you might think these things are useful, also costs everyone else even more time. And, you have yet to explain your reasoning.



Seems like you’re just trying to impress us with these “smart words” :smiley:
Because ER and OOAD are just two of a huge list of techniques available now.
And it only depends on situation when to use them.
The fact that you use ER doesn’t make you pro by itself.
You’re becoming a pro only when you can clearly describe why it’s effective to use ER in current specific task.

I’m not trying to impress anyone.
I’ve been there and I was lost in the puzzle maze because I didn’t use E.R.
I summon one of the GURU of Database member here in sitepoint “Rudy Limeback” a.k.a. r937.
You can consult him.

The same with OOAD it will help you understand the Blue Print of the Engineering Structure of the software.
These are logic flow tools, to help you not to be lost in the maze.

Really?, can you show me all the “huge lists of techniques” available now?
very interesting…

i’m not sure i can be of much assistance here, but thanks for inviting me to the topic

ER modelling is the first step in database design

usefulness lies in developing an understanding of what the database is going to contain

Thanks for replying at least they know I’m not talking bubble.

I personally wasn’t inferring you didn’t know what you were talking about. I was simply trying to get across that such posts, as you gave as your first reply, are useless for someone who is learning. You’ve now stated your reasoning, thank you, and mentioned “lost in a maze”. Does your first post help the OP with his or her maze or add to it? I’d say, it adds to it.

It isn’t easy being a teacher sometimes. It takes patience and a willingness to be empathetic and to be a servant. If you want to show all of these things in a reply, which tries to teach someone something, then you must do a better job with your responses. Response (as in reply) stems from the same word as responsibility. Take responsibility for your replies. If you aim to teach, then teach and DO NOT tell anyone to go google it. Even better, you should make the effort to link to appropriate articles to add to your teachings. That shows empathy and the servant attitude and helps everyone trying to learn. Me included. :slight_smile:


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I think megazoid is thinking about UML ?
What is the latest Blue Print Tool for designing software logic flow?

Can you post the huge list please.
I want to know.

Google is free, dude :smiley: