What is the role of two $$ variables?

Just found this variable and wondering why this two $$ variables sign is required.

This is the simple code got from php doc

$var_name = 'var';
$var = [0,1,2,3,4];
echo $var_name[2];

Output → r (Why, I am getting “r” string, is this because the key is assigned to value “r”?)

$var_name = 'var';
$var = [0,1,2,3,4];
echo $$var_name[2];

Output - 2 [In php 7] , how this $$ works?

It calls variable variable.For example:

echo $$b;

//The echo outputs name

The inner $ resolves the a variable to a string, and the outer one resolves a variable by that string.

So, when to use in real world example?

never. really.


Thank you lol :smiley:

Because thats how it works. You can access characters in a string in array like way with indexes. But the string is not really an array even tho you can do that. You can’t for example use array functions with the string.

$var_name = 'var';
echo $var_name[0];  // Prints "v"
echo $var_name[1];  // Prints "a"
echo $var_name[2];  // Prints "r"
echo $var_name[3];  // Notice: Uninitialized string offset: 3
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Thanks, yeah I understood before your reply but again thanks for the explanation.

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